Judge Henrick Flores Gingoyon Family

Henrick became a Lawyer then got married to Maribeth. His uncompromising integrity as a Lawyer did not sit well with the shady elements of Cebu, so he eventually received threats on his life and that of his family. After his house was sprayed with bullets by an unknown gunman, which injured his daughter, he moved to Cavite. He became a prosecutor then a judge. Threats to his life and to his family resurfaced when he presided the Regional Trial Court in Pasay so he sent his two daughter to the United States. During the summer of 2005, he visited his daugthers and his relatives in United States and on December 31, 2005 of that year he was gunned down by a gunman on a motorcycle.

His children with Beatriz (Maribeth) Sumagang
1. Hazel Beth    
2. Hyacinth (Hya)    
3. Henriette (Rie)    
4. Henrick Martin Dion (Goodboy)    
5. Henrikka (Rikka)    

        Barili Gingoyon Origin
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