Marcelino Alegado Family

Marcelino Alegado was Agustin Filomeno and Cenona Navares was Maria Simona before the Claveria Decree (Governor General Narciso Claveria) in 1849. A catalog of Hispanic surnames were created and the Carcar region families somehow ended up with surnames starting with the letters "AL" (was Filomeno a surname?). If a family already had a valid ethnic or unrecorded hispanic surname (for example, Raja was not a surname but a title) and they could prove that the surname was kept for four generations, then they were exempted from the Decree.
   Marcelino was from Bolinauan, Carcar.

His Children with Cenona Navares
1. Anselmo (Died Sep-2-1865) Catalina Alejado Canayon (Married Jan-7-1863)  
2. Bernardino (PDN Bernardino Francisco) (Bapt Apr-4-1846)    
3. Francisca (YOB 1847) Dionisio Aleser Manguba (Married Feb-8-1869)  
4. Antonina (Died Feb-13-1864)    
5. Dorotea (Born Mar-26-1852) Lazaro Alcontin Dayanco (Married Apr-20-1869)  
6. Andrea (Born Nov-30-1857 She died while still a baby.  
7. Vito (Born Jun 15-1860)    
8. Benito (YOB 1861) Eduarda Tenieblas (Married Oct-19-1880)
Cuala ?
9. Simplicio (Born Mar-1-1863)    

                Carcar Origin
                                 |---->Eufrocina Gingoyon
                                 |---->Pastor Gingoyon
                   Barili Origin